Geraldo predicts reality check: ‘Tax reform is going to be just like health care’ due to inept arrogant Senate

Geraldo Rivera joined the “Fox & Friends” crew Saturday morning and expressed little confident in the Republican-led Senate advancing President Donald Trump’s agenda.

Rivera said Trump needs a “disciplined message” if he wants to offer guidance to the upper chamber after co-host Pete Hegseth said, “Senators hide behind procedure and give themselves excuses to do nothing.”

And think what you will about his point of view, but Rivera has the U.S. Senate nailed.

“You have to give guidance to the Senate,” he insisted. “The Senate is a bunch of people who all want to be president … they have an arrogance about them and they go a hundred different ways, literally.”

And Rivera doesn’t see the once august body having anymore success with tax reform than they did with repealing Obamacare.

“Tax reform is going to be just like health care,” he said. “There’s going to be a thousand different agendas.”

“It’s another morass,” Rivera added. “It’s another exercise in sound and fury signifying nothing.”

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