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Dan Rather documents road trip with tweets, seems fascinated with the hinterlands of the Midwest

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Former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather took a road trip across the Mid-West this week and appeared to be fascinated with everyday life in fly-over country.

Rather embarked on the journey with his grandson, Martin, and took to social media to document their experiences. In one such effort, he marveled over seeing “cow men” in Oklahoma with guns on their hips — Oklahoma is one of 25 states that allow licensed open carry.

Rather visited the Badlands and Mount Rushmore National Memorial, as well as the Crazy Horse Memorial Monument, which is still under construction.

“Mount Rushmore, the great monument, it never disappoints,” Rather said in a video posted on Facebook. “To say it’s inspiring sounds cliché. But it is inspiring.”

Grandson Martin shared more fascination over Second Amendment rights when he commented on stopping at an “interesting” gas station in Nebraska that sold beer, bait and ammo. His grandfather seemed most impressed by the amazing “truck traffic” barreling through Middle America.

Along the way, Rather comments on various restaurants they encounter, and you get the idea that his stop at a Sonics drive-in was likely the first of his life.

As was his exposure to a cornfield:

The two even grabbed a quick bite at “Taco John’s.”

And while he seemed fully entertained by his visit to Podunk, U.S.A., he also provided social media users with a little entertainment of their own.

There were lots of well wishes, but here’s a sampling of other responses to his tweets from Twitter:

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