‘Me doing the absolute bare minimum’: Mariah Carey’s awkward lazy dance video goes viral for all the wrong reasons

A less than enthusiastic dance performance by Mariah Carey has fans debating whether she was being lazy or just being a diva.

A now viral video from her recent concert shows the 47 year-old songstress can still belt out the vocals but dancing is apparently not one of her talents.

Sporting a skin-tight pink bodysuit and major heels, Carey hardly broke a sweat as she made some arm movements before being picked up by one of the male dancers.

(Images: screengrab HaloCarterr/Twitter)

She continued to appear uncomfortable as she rested atop the backs of a line of dancers and before being gently lowered to the ground again.


The singer made headlines for all the wrong reasons with her epic fail of a New Year’s Eve performance. Carey blamed her botched lip-sync performance on everyone else, including accusing Dick Clark Productions of sabotaging the segment.

The newest video to circulate online drew its share of criticism for the pop star’s apparent lack of energy.

While Carey’s fans rose to her defense, arguing she never claimed to be a dancer anyway, some saw the performance as just funny.

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Frieda Powers


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