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Tea is flying, shirts are coming off! Disgruntled Taco Bell ex-employee storms the place to attack her boss

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This was a tea party like no other.

A Taco Bell in Converse, Texas disintegrated into “Taco Hell” when a disgruntled ex-employee returned with her 17-year-old son and confronted the manager, according to KSAT 12.

The woman, identified in a video posted on Facebook as Margarita, throws the contents of the tea dispenser at the man who says he is the manager. The man clearly believes in fighting fire with fire, as he returns a salvo of tea from a large tea dispenser behind the counter.

As the woman goes around the counter to confront him, the manager strips his shirt off and readies himself for battle.

“What’s up, b*tch?” the man yells, before enticing the woman’s son to join the fracas. “Hell yeah!”

The boy is on the phone at this point, presumably calling the police.

“Shut the f*ck up,” the manager tells the woman as she bawls him out. “I’ll knock you out. Hit me and I’ll knock you out, b*tch… I’m going to defend myself.”

The police soon arrive and take the woman into custody.

“She’s fired, she doesn’t work here anymore. I’m the manager,” the man explained to the cops. “She’s here picking up her last check.”

The video then shows the woman’s reported son being descended upon by several officers in the parking lot, as the manager is heard saying, “I don’t f*cking get paid enough for this sh*t, man.”

Not to worry, as soon as corporate sees the video he may soon be relieved of that burden.

…or was he in the right with his behavior?

Watch full video below:

Tom Tillison


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