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In what may be the ‘best political ad ever,’ Virginia candidate for governor vows to legalize fireworks

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Now you’re talking!

Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie knows how to appeal to Virginians; let them blow things up.

Gillespie released a campaign ad leading up to the Fourth of July promising to make fireworks legal if he is elected to office.

In the spot, the candidate is holding a sparkler while noting that fireworks permitted in Virginia are “rinky-dink,” compared to what neighboring states allow.

Gillespie posted the ad on Twitter, with the caption: “As Va. governor, I will work to make fireworks legal here so we can celebrate 4th of July in true American fashion!”

The ad drew an endorsement for former Florida governor Jeb Bush, who ran for president in 2016:

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Here’s a sampling of other reactions to what may be the best political ad ever:


And, in case you’re wondering, yes, Democrats took issue with the ad, which adds fireworks to the long list of pro-American things they oppose.

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