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New Florida law stops liberal hijacking of school textbooks, allows parental oversight

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How dare parents have a say?

The liberal media is not too pleased with a new Florida law that allows parents to have input on science-based instruction being taught in schools — keeping in mind that what the left considers settled science is not always consistent with reality.

Republican Gov. Rick Scott signed legislation last week that “requires school boards to hire an ‘unbiased hearing officer’ who will handle complaints about instructional materials, such as movies, textbooks and novels, that are used in local schools,” The Washington Post reported.

And the left is worried more parental oversight of textbooks may impact sacred cows like evolution and climate change.

Brandon Haught, a high school science teacher and a member of the group Florida Citizens for Science, said earlier this year the bill is a “disaster,” the Orlando Sentinel reported.

“If this bill becomes law, school boards will become inundated with demands that certain books be outright banned and that schools must discontinue using textbooks that don’t mesh with a vocal minority’s ideological views,” Haught wrote, according to the newspaper.

The Florida Citizens Alliance, a proponent of the new law, says it will help “establish minimum quality standards for instructional materials” by allowing parents to review textbooks and on-line materials.

“Currently, instructional materials are riddled with political and religious indoctrination, revisionist history, and age-inappropriate pornography,” the group’s website states. “Purchased at taxpayer expense, these materials teach our children that European Socialism is better than free markets and that the government is the answer to every problem.”

Tom Tillison


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