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Salon needs a safe space, declares ‘Trump-free Tuesday’… And this is journalism?

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And this is journalism?

Salon declared a “Trump-free Tuesday” in response to its claim that the president has “consumed” American politics for too long.

“We will not publish the president’s name on Tuesday or use his picture. We will not cover his outrageous Twitter utterances or deride his surrogates for whatever stupid things they may or may not say on television,” the left-wing website wrote in an editorial.

“American politics and culture and media, and damn near everything else, have been consumed by one man for almost two years,” it went on. “You know the person we’re talking about. ‘Consumed’ is a metaphor in this case, but sometimes it feels almost literal, as if our country and its public discourse had been eaten by alien invaders or a viral epidemic.”

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The editorial continued its rhetoric, claiming that “everyone” – including Trump’s supporters – are sick of him.

“We’re sick of him. Everybody is, including the people who voted for him and still support him. That might not be a metaphor either: This person is making our country sicker all the time,” Salon spewed.

“We are stuck with this guy for the foreseeable future, which is a difficult truth for many of us to handle. If we cannot dislodge him from the White House anytime soon, maybe we can start to deflate the outsized role he plays in our national psychology. This is a baby step in that direction,” the editorial stated, ignoring the fact that “this guy” is the legitimately elected president of the United States of America.

Salon CEO Jordan Hoffner told Breitbart News that they were “still exploring” whether to make the “Trump-free Tuesday” a regular feature, adding that they “have not made a determination at this time.”

The website, founded in 1995, has been critical of Trump since his election and has repeatedly questioned the legitimacy of his presidency.

While there were certainly fans of the website who cheered on its “Trump-free” declaration, there was also a collective head-shaking on Twitter as others saw the move as a typical left-wing tantrum.

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