‘Man-bun Ken’ the weatherman is swept off camera by gust of wind – and his co-workers can’t stop laughing

A television weatherman experienced a “career highlight” when he was literally blown away on live TV.

Deric Hartigan from TV3 Ireland was just doing his job Friday morning, delivering a weather update while standing in the rain.

But his forecast of “scattered showers” and the “pretty windy” day ahead came true quite literally as he delivered his update under a rather large yellow umbrella.

Within seconds of beginning his report, a gust of wind caught the weatherman off guard and swept him off screen.

Images: screengrab from The Journal.ie/YouTube

His shout and the battle to regain control of the umbrella sent TV3’s studio anchors into a fit of laughter as they tried to regain their own composure.

Hartigan made it back on screen with a visibly damaged umbrella and a good laugh.

His man-bun appeared unharmed.

Hartigan apparently saw the humor in it all as the video entertained viewers and made the rounds on social media.

And while Twitter users appreciated the laugh, it seems Hartigan’s man-bun was the real star.

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Frieda Powers


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