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Bat-wielding Florida man with no ‘plan B’ loses possession of weapon during road rage fight

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It’s not advisable to emerge from a vehicle with a baseball bat during a fit of road rage, but if you do it IS advisable not to allow your adversary to gain possession of said bat.

A Florida man — naturally — got out of his vehicle after reportedly being cut off by a man driving a work truck, according to ABC affiliate WPLG.

That man, Hector Herrera, 24, is seen in a video going after 50-year-old Jairo Linarte,  but quickly loses possession of the bat. The encounter is then reduced to a contest of who controls the object, which thankfully proved to be a stalemate.

Fortunately for all, a Hialeah police officer conducting a traffic stop nearby saw the brouhaha and quickly restored order — Herrera was charged with aggravated battery, WPLG reported.

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