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Bill O’Reilly says he’ll soon drop ‘stunning’ information as he fights back against his attackers

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Former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly said this week Sean Hannity was right to fight back the way he did when the left went after his advertisers.

O’Reilly said he should have done the same thing, but didn’t for reasons he could not disclose at the time… but that was then, and this is now.

Appearing on Newsmax TV, O’Reilly said he will drop some “stunning” information on the attack against him was in the coming weeks.

“This was no accident our sponsors were attacked. This is very well-organized,” he said. “They tried to with Hannity. Hannity actually fought back. I didn’t. I should have.”

And O’Reilly was clear in his admiration for Hannity’s resolve.

“I admire Sean, and I admire how he handled situation, because he brought it directly to the folks and the sponsors stopped,” he added. “He lost a few, but they stopped… so he was successful in fighting off the attack.”

O’Reilly warned that there will be more attacks to come, but promised he will fight back soon.

“We have a lot of information, but my lawyers are begging me not to say anything,” he said. “We’re going to drop it in the next few weeks, and it’s really, really stunning how organized that was and what these people did.

“I want to let the legal people handle this. I do believe there will be litigation, so I’m going to let them take the lead and then after it’s out, then I’ll comment further on it.”

Now may be a good time to stock up on popcorn!

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