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Antifa girly-man sucker punches videographer, is quickly introduced to the term ‘ground and pound’

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A left-wing ne’er-do-well in Portland got what was coming to him when he took a cheap shot at a videographer.

The man who apparently identifies as a woman confronted videographer Demetrius Cooper at the March Against White Nationalism, according to the video description on Cooper’s popular YouTube channel Airliner World & More.

The march was reportedly organized by the Oregon Students Empowered – Cooper was on hand documenting events and is calmly speaking with a protester when what appears to be a transgender man aggressively approached him, letting the f-bombs fly.

“Get the f*** away from us,” the man yelled. “We got nothing to f***ing say to you! We got no use for you! Get the f*** away from our march!

SG Antifa

Clearly not one to suffer fools, Cooper stood his ground as the radical, later identified online as Lucy Elizabeth Smith, kept spewing his hate, demanding the videographer move away.

Smith has a history of radical activism in the city, marked by a number of arrests, according to The Oregonian.

“Make me. I dare you to make me move,” Cooper replied. “What the f*** are you gonna do? You guys talk so much sh** about me online, you ain’t done sh** yet.”

While the confused leftist kept talking smack trying to silence him, Cooper reminded him that he’s in America and if he hates the country “so f***ing much” to take his bag and leave.

And that’s when the little sweetheart snapped, throwing an ill-advised punch.

“That’s the best you got,” Cooper responded, before introducing his antagonist to the term “ground and pound.”

SG Antifa2

And while there was a call for police to go after Cooper for defending himself, he quickly reminded all that he was wearing a body camera that captured the girly man throwing the first punch.

“The police officers who responded took a report and I chose for the time being to not press charges,” Cooper explained in the video description.

Ain’t America grand?

Tom Tillison


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