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J.K. Rowling thinks Brits should teach Trump a lesson if he goes ahead with UK visit

j.k. rowling protest trump uk visit with twitter
Clueless J.K. Rowling doesn’t realize Twitter was a powerful vehicle that helped Trump win the presidency. (Image: screenshot)

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J.K. Rowling should stick to writing children’s fantasy books because she’d be a total failure as a political strategist.

The “Harry Potter” author, who detests President Trump, suggested Brits protest his upcoming state visit to the U.K. by showing large screenshots of his tweets on TV.

Rowling added that she’d “rather he didn’t come,” but showing his tweets on TV will surely teach him a lesson.

Proving the comical adage that “liberalism is a mental disorder,” Rowling doesn’t understand that Twitter was a potent communications weapon that helped Donald Trump win the presidency.

Spotlighting his tweets on TV will do no more to damage him than hashtags, music concerts, and candlelight vigils will stop Islamic terrorism.

Rowling — a vocal apologist for Islamic terrorism — is upset that President Trump criticized London’s Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan, for saying Londoners “should not be alarmed” after the latest terrorist attacks. Khan was similarly triggered, and suggested the British government cancel Trump’s visit.

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Anti-Trumpers are furious that the president truthfully calls out radical Islamic terrorists for what they are: murderous jihadis who kill in the name of Allah. They’d rather sacrifice more innocent lives in the name of political correctness.

Many on Twitter wondered why Brits are more upset at Trump than at the terrorists who kill innocent people.


J.K. Rowling is an outspoken pro-refugee, open-borders proponent. So why hasn’t the billionaire housed any refugees in her many lavish homes?

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Like other celebrity “activists,” Rowling is a flaky, latte-sipping, private jet-using hypocrite who’s all talk and no action.



Samantha Chang


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