Move over Justin Amash; this Fla rep wants title as first Republican to talk Trump impeachment

There’s no honor among thieves—or traitors. Just ask Florida Congressman Carlos Curbelo.

The obscure lawmaker wants credit for being the first Republican to talk seriously about a Trump impeachment. As if that’s some sort of prize.

Curbelo’s rep reached out to Mother Jones, insisting that it was Curbelo—not Michigan Congressman Justin Amash—who was the first Republican to suggest that President Trump could be impeached for possible obstruction of justice.

Twitter reacted by mocking insipid Republicans who again refused to stand behind the president for the sake of saving their own skins.

Thanks to his PR efforts, Carlos Curbelo was invited on CNN Tuesday, where he told Don Lemon that Trump may have committed an “impeachable offense” if he suggested that fired FBI director James Comey stop his investigation of Michael Flynn:

Obstruction of justice is an impeachable offense. That is an allegation we have to take very seriously. That doesn’t mean it happened, but if this story is accurate, it may have happened. Any effort to dissuade federal agents from proceeding with an investigation is very serious and could be construed as obstruction of justice.

The White House denied that Trump had asked Comey to stop any investigation. And Trump’s denial was supported by the sworn testimony of acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, who told the Senate Intelligence Committee last week: “There has been no effort to impede our investigation.”

The rumblings of “obstruction of justice” stem from illegal leaks by an anonymous source to the New York Times. Rumors are swirling that James Comey is the source of those leaks, which he’s allegedly doing to retaliate against Trump for being unceremoniously fired.

Since then, Democrats have dialed up their “Trump impeachment” rhetoric even though there is NO evidence that he has committed any impeachable offense. And spineless Republicans like Justin Amash and Carlos Curbelo have joined that growing chorus, as they cower in the face of the anti-Trump media mob.

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Curbelo wants to cover all his bases, so he called for Trump’s impeachment, but conceded that nobody knows for sure if the president did anything wrong.

“We’ve seen that these obstruction of justice cases can get ugly very fast,” Curbelo said. “I’m not accusing anyone. We don’t know yet. But obstruction of justice … has been considered an impeachable offense. It may be something very serious; it may be nothing.”

Samantha Chang


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