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Watch: Absolute genius way to get rid of your bear problem

clown doll scares off bear from trash stealing ogle family
A creepy laughing clown doll scared off a bear who had been ransacking the Ogle family’s trash for weeks. (Image: screenshot)

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A creepy clown doll got the last laugh over a bear who had been ransacking a Virginia family’s trash for weeks.

Video shot by Jordan Ogle shows a black bear getting the scare of his life when he tried to steal trash from a bin protected by a freakish clown.

When the bear tried to tip the receptacle over, the clown doll cackled maniacally and scared him off without spilling any trash—sparing the Ogle family clean-up duty for the first time in many days.

Ogle detailed his bear-scaring plan on LiveLeaks:

While waiting for a prescription at CVS Pharmacy in Salem, VA, 2 days after Halloween, I found a motion-activated creepy clown on sale for $20.  I have been having bears raiding my trash can for weeks. Dragging the trash all over my property and forcing me to clean it up daily. Strapping the cans shut didn’t help much.

After walking past the creepy clown in my garage a thousand times, I got an idea. It’s not ‘rocket-surgery,’ not that complex…just strap the clown to the garbage can and see what happens.

Jordan Ogle was thrilled that his simple, humane clown doll alarm worked so well.

“Turns out, no trash was spilled by the bear as long as the creepy clown sentinel was there,” he said. “If I forgot to put out the clown, trash everywhere. With the clown there, everything’s fine.”

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