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‘Nothing more pathetic …’ Trump’s commencement address has message for Comey, critics

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Sounding very presidential, President Donald Trump delivered his commencement speech Saturday at Liberty University, in Lynchburg, Va., offering a stern message to his many critics in the process.

…while offering graduates of the Christian school an optimistic view of the future.

“No one has ever achieved anything significant without a chorus of critics explaining why it can’t be done,” the president told students. “Nothing is easier or more pathetic than being a critic. There are people who can’t get the job done, but the future belongs for the dreamers, not the critics, the people who follow their heart no matter what the critics say.”

“Following your convictions means you must be willing to face criticism from those who lack the same courage,” he added.

The president also told the students to be leery of government.

“We don’t need a lecture from Washington to us on how to lead our lives,” he said at one point.

Trump was introduced by Liberty’s president, Jerry Falwell Jr., who presented him with an honorary doctorate.

“As long as I am your president, no one is ever going to stop you from practicing your faith,” Trump told graduates, adding that “in America we don’t worship government, we worship God.”

The president also encouraged students to never give up.

“Never stop fighting for what you believe in and the people who care about you… be totally unafraid to challenge entrenched interests and failed power structures,” Trump said, asking the audience if that sounded familiar.

Watch the full address below:

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