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‘Stunning’: Obama takes a stand for Ann Coulter!

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For the tidy sum of $400,000, former President Barack Obama was lured out of his months-long global vacation to speak at an A&E Network event on Thursday in New York.

…which seems to be the going rate, considering it’s the same fee Obama will receive for speaking at an upcoming health-care conference sponsored by investment bank Cantor Fitzgerald.

The “very exclusive media, New York power players crowd” wasn’t expecting him to stand up for conservative bomb-thrower Ann Coulter, but that’s just what the former president did, according to CNN.

Of course, you first have to get past the school girl gushing going on between CNN’s Erin Burnett and Janice Min, the former Hollywood Reporter editor, who was at the event.

“He walks out… standing ovation, thunderous applause,” Min states breathlessly, as she describes the moment Obama took the stage.

After mentioning that Obama was asked about his views on the First Amendment, she said he referenced Coulter having to cancel her highly publicized speech at the University of California at Berkeley.

“He said, ‘Listen, I think that things that are going on right now on college campuses can be crazy. They’re a little extreme,'” she noted. “He said, ‘Ann Coulter, at Berkeley, she should be allowed to speak. That’s ridiculous, of course, she should be allowed to speak.'”

Min characterized Obama’s remark, spoken in defense of free speech, as “stunning.”

Tom Tillison


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