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Comey sent letter to Congress to avoid appearance of favoritism after pressure from Lynch to downplay probe

FBI Director James Comey was reportedly pressured to go easy on Hillary Clinton by his ex-boss, former US Attorney Loretta Lynch. (Image: YouTube screenshot)
FBI Director James Comey was pressured to go easy on Hillary by his former US Attorney Loretta Lynch. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

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FBI Director James Comey was pressured by his former boss, Obama-appointed U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch, to go easy on Hillary Clinton to ensure she would win the presidential election.

That’s what multiple FBI sources told the New York Times in an explosive exposé, which suggested that Obama’s Justice Department repeatedly put their thumb on the scale for Clinton by downplaying the FBI’s criminal investigations into her unsecured email server.

During a September 2015 meeting, Lynch ordered Comey — who was also appointed by Obama — to use the word “matter” instead of “investigation” when discussing Clinton’s case, three FBI sources told the Times.

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Insiders said Lynch also told Comey to not confirm to the media if the agency was investigating Hillary Clinton, even though it had already opened a criminal investigation after being alerted that Clinton had mishandled classified information.

As a result of all this political browbeating, Comey “distrusted” Lynch and was afraid the FBI would lose credibility in the public’s eye. To avoid the appearance of favortism — and because he felt certain Hillary would win — Comey sent a letter to Congress just weeks before election day, informing them that the FBI was reopening its investigation after new evidence surfaced.

Just three months earlier, Comey had declared the Clinton investigation closed, and was hailed a hero by liberals. After Comey sent the letter in October, Hillary and her comrades blamed him (and Russia, white women, misogyny, Wikileaks, Bernie Sanders, etc, etc.) for her election loss.

As Attorney General, it was Loretta Lynch’s job to decide whether Clinton should be indicted for mishandling classified information when she used a private, unsecured email server to conduct State Department business as Secretary of State.

loretta lynch tarmac meeting bill clinton screenshotLynch was widely slammed after she secretly met with Bill Clinton for more 30 minutes on the tarmac of an Arizona airport in June 2017.

The suspicious timing of the meeting cast doubts on whether Lynch could be unbiased toward Hillary.

Less than a week later, FBI Director James Comey (who reported to Lynch) announced the FBI would not recommend an indictment against Hillary. You do the math.

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