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‘Hot chocolate used to be a compliment’: Michael Reagan’s unapologetic defense of Bill O’Reilly

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Michael Reagan weighed in Bill O’Reilly’s departure from Fox News this week with a defense that may not have been well thought out.

Taking to social media, Reagan tried to downplay a complaint leveled this week by a black woman who worked at Fox News who claimed that O’Reilly used to leer at her and called her “hot chocolate.”

“Hot [Chocolate] used to be a compliment on your looks, today it is called sexual harassment,” Reagan tweeted, according to People Magazine.

And if that wasn’t enough to get his critics going, Reagan followed that with a tweet that turned the tables on sexual harassment.

“If women are going to wear low-cut dresses that show cleavage don’t be harassed when we men look. Or [should] we sue for sexual arousal?” he wrote.

Needless to say, both tweets were deleted post-haste, but the damage was done.

Amid the backlash, Reagan ignored the common wisdom that when in a hole, stop digging. After deleting the earlier tweets, he tried to better explain his point of view:

Not that he didn’t see an occasional show of support online, as seen here:

But overall, Reagan was given a crash course on sexual harassment in the 21st century:

Tom Tillison


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