Teacher who wore anti-Trump jacket to class comes under fire

A West Virginia teacher is singing a different tune after feeling the heat for wearing a jacket with a decidedly anti-Trump message while at school.

The profane message, in the form of a patch, reads “TUCK” on the top line and “FRUMP” on the bottom line, with the “F” and the “UCK” highlighted in white lettering.

A patch Sherman Junior High School teacher Cheryl Judy was proud of, touting it on social media back in February.

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Judy was photographed wearing a jacket with the patch on it while at school and some parents were less than thrilled about it, according to WOWK 13 News.

“Very inappropriate for a teacher to wear that to school or anywhere else for that matter,” Howard Kirk told the CBS affiliate. “She’s a public employee so her opinion of Trump, while she’s at work or at a public function, she’s speaking for Boone County Schools.”

It only got worse for Miss Judy after the story ran wild on social media:


But Judy is claiming its much ado about nothing… well, almost nothing.

“First, yes, I did wear that jacket to school, sans the patch on the back,” the teacher said in a statement to 13 News. “I took the patch with me so that I could pin it onto the jacket before I left school.”

“Since I had a little time before school was out to pin the patch on the jacket, so I did,” the statement continued. “I tried it on to make sure that the patch was straight. I only had it on for less than two minutes. A like-minded student snapped a photo and shared it on social media without my permission.”

And while Judy confessed her liberal constitution, she insisted she did not “flaunt” the jacket.

“This has gotten so blown out of proportion that it is unreal. I never intended for this to happen,” she explained. “I did not put the jacket back on and made sure that the patch was not exposed until I was well away from the school. People think that I flaunted the jacket at school. I did not. I am a very liberal person but I never force my liberalism on others and never would.”

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