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Kellyanne Conway’s priceless moment when ‘I’m not the darkness’ said everything

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“I’m not the darkness.”

She may have been raging on the inside but White House senior advisor Kellyanne Conway hardly blinked when she was accused of being the “darkness” with the media.

The audacious claim was made by columnist Michael Wolff during the “President and the Press” event at Washington’s Newseum last week.

“Do you find yourself ever thinking and trying to really get to the nut of what the media thinks about this president and about you and other members of this administration?” Wolff asked Conway. “How personal do you take this?”

Conway asked him to clarify his question and he referred to The Washington Post‘s new slogan “Democracy Dies in Darkness” which the publication announced a few weeks after President Donald Trump was sworn into office.

“I’m gonna tell you,” Wolff replied. “When they say democracy dies in darkness, you’re the darkness.”

Conway turned her gaze to the audience which laughed when Wolff made the remark.

With a polite smile, she shrugged her shoulders and dismissed the claim. “I’m not the darkness,” she said.

“Didn’t you see the skit Walking on Sunshine,” Conway added, perhaps making reference to a Saturday Night Live skit in which Trump’s counselor was depicted trying unsuccessfully to enjoy a day off to the tune of “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves.

“It’s what I tell small children,” Conway continued. “Just because somebody says something doesn’t make it true. And it’s a great lesson for everyone.”

During the interview, Wolff admitted to Conway that he did not think Trump was being covered “fairly and objectively” by the media.

I think not at all,” Wolff said, adding that “we’re in totally unchartered territory.”

Wolff, a regular contributor to USA Today and The Hollywood Reporter, later tweeted a clarification of his comment on “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” explaining that he was “deriding” the Washington Post for its tagline, not Conway.

But fans of Trump and his former campaign manager rose to Conway’s defense in tweets following the exchange.

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