‘Go get in Jeff Flake’s grill’: Dem National Committee sends email with language no Republican could get away with

That an angry, disruptive crowd turns out to wreak havoc at town halls being hosted by Republican lawmakers is only a surprise if you haven’t been paying attention. Democrats are making no bones about what their intentions are.

…and to entice their low information base to participate in these ambushes, the party is resorting to urban slang.

In an effort to whip up anger, the Democratic National Committee reportedly sent out an email to Arizona supporters ahead of a town hall being held by Sen. Jeff Flake.

Go get in Jeff Flake’s grill,” the email urged recipients, The Arizona Republic reported.

The email instructed supporters to show up and ask Flake “to protect the Affordable Care Act and investigate [President Donald] Trump’s ties to Russia,” but the intent of the message was unmistakable, using language no Republican could get away with.

For the record, the Urban Dictionary defines “grill” as: “One’s personal business, One’s teeth/smile.”

As for getting into Flake’s grill, that’s precisely what the lemmings did from the very beginning.

More from The Arizona Republican on the event:

U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake endured a brutal face-to-face confrontation with angry constituents Thursday as liberal voters dominated a standing-room-only audience at a town-hall meeting in downtown Mesa.

Even before he took the stage, the audience chanted “health care for all,” showing their support for former President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, the health-care-reform law that Flake, R-Ariz., has opposed.


The actions of the raucous crowd can be seen below:

The reaction on social media shows that some folks are on to the Democrats’ tactics… here’s a quick sampling of responses from Twitter:


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