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Trump looks for overdue apology from Hillary Clinton and Donna Brazile; press skips right to gaffe

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In the face of a media-created echo chamber on alleged Russian influence in the U.S. election, despite any real evidence surfacing, President Donald Trump reminded the nation Monday of a real scandal being brushed under the carpet.

That scandal being Hillary Clinton receiving questions in advance of a CNN primary debate, courtesy of Donna Brazile, who was a contributor on the network. Brazile was also vice chair of the Democratic National Committee at the time.

“Did Hillary Clinton ever apologize for receiving the answers to the debate? Just asking!” Trump tweeted.

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Trump went on a tweet-fest Monday morning and as the president’s wont to do in his haste, he inaccurately phrased his comment, saying Clinton was given the “answers,” as opposed to the questions.

Not that it detracts from the reality that cheating took place.

Of course, the poor phrasing gives his critics ample reason to distract from a very valid question; why hasn’t Hillary Clinton been held accountable.

She has never commented on the incident and don’t expect her media allies to pose the question.

And there’s no debating that the incident occurred, as Brazile admitted as much in a Times op-ed, where she said it was “a mistake I will forever regret.”

Clinton, clad in a leather blazer, resurfaced last week after her humiliating defeat to take a pot shot at the Trump administration after the big dust-up with White House reporter April Ryan.

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