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‘Straight up, that’s total BS’: Sen. Orrin Hatch puts CNN host in his place in tense exchange

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An animated Sen. Orrin Hatch put CNN co-host John Berman in his place during a discussion on the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, smacking down the claim of a double standard as “total B.S.

The Republican lawmaker was commenting on the Democratic Party’s obstruction of the nomination process Monday on the network.

“They’re politicizing this whole process,” Hatch said of the opposition. “This is a guy who is a mainstream conservative, which they hate. They don’t like that.”

“And of course, they are still upset about my other friend, Merrick Garland,” he added, speaking of former President Barack Obama’s nominee last year. “But the Republicans had every right to delay that within a presidential [election] year.”

As if he were reading from the Democratic Party’s playbook, Berman responded by saying “there seems to be a double standard,” pointing out that Republicans blocked Garland — Berman conveniently ignored the fact that his nomination came during a presidential election year.

It was enough to set Hatch off.

“I’ll just tell you straight up, that’s total B.S.,” Hatch quickly replied.

“I can’t go back in time and show you any case where in a presidential election year they allowed a Supreme Court justice to be nominated unless both sides agreed,” he continued. “And both sides didn’t agree.”

Hatch accurately noted that at the time Senate Republicans said they would not allow a vote on Merrick “it looked as though [Clinton] was a sure winner and we would have gotten an even more liberal judge than that one.”

“But that was a stand on principle,” he insisted. “Not some new barbaric thing that some have tried to make it.”

Tom Tillison


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