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Krauthammer has an awesome suggestion if Dems filibuster Gorsuch … and it involves Clint Eastwood

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Charles Krauthammer thinks a Democratic filibuster of Supreme Court Nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch should get Republicans to start channeling Clint Eastwood.

Threats from Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer to push a filibuster of President Trump’s pick could lead Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to employ the “nuclear” option to confirm Gorsuch, Krauthammer warned on Fox News Channel’s  “Special Report” on Tuesday.

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“If Schumer wants to trigger the nuclear option, I would quote Clint Eastwood with those immortal words: ‘Make My Day’, because it would be a disaster for the Democrats,” Krauthammer said.

To avoid a Senate filibuster, which is unusual for Supreme Court nominees, Gorsuch needs 60 total votes to be confirmed. But with 52 Republicans, there is a need to secure another eight Democrats to reach the 60-vote threshold and none have stepped forward.

If New York Democrat Schumer breaks with tradition and pushes to filibuster, it may not end well for those wishing to avoid going “nuclear.” McConnell could impose a rule change that would lower the threshold from 60 to 51, allowing Gorsuch to be confirmed on a party line vote.

If that happens, Krauthammer predicted Trump’s next nominee for Supreme Court will “not be from central casting,” noting he or she would be more to the political right than Gorsuch.

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“It’s going to be a much harder-edged conservative,” he said, “and it will be easy as hell for the Republicans to get him through, or her through, requiring only 51.”

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