Brent Bozell slams hypothetical mirror in CNN’s Stelter’s face for trashing Fox’s ‘local’ teen rape coverage

Brent Bozell gave CNN’s Brian Stelter a taste of his own medicine when it comes to criticizing the competition.

The founder of Media Research Center tweeted an image of Stelter on air, along with a chyron that read: “HOW FOX USED MD RAPE CASE TO ADVANCE TRUMP’S AGENDA.”

In what may be the slam of the year, Bozell added: “Your screen could also read “CNN IGNORES RAPE OF 14-YEAR OLD TO ‘RESIST’ TRUMP’S AGENDA”

Of course, Bozell was referring to the mainstream media going out of its way to avoid reporting on the case of at least one, if not two illegal immigrants raping a 14-year-old Maryland girl in a high school bathroom — a story that does not set well with the Democratic Party’s pro-illegal immigrant stance.

But Bozell was just getting started, as he continued to slam Stetler who, effectively, dismissed rape, assault and murder as “local news stories” while hammering Fox for reporting on the Maryland case.

The Media Research Center president had plenty of support on social media, though you wonder if CNN’s image can get any lower with folks.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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