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Shocking video of a car plowing into an animal clinic will make you gasp, lady escapes death by a whisker

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The relative calm of a routine day at an animal clinic was shattered in an instant when a car crashed through an exterior wall.

…and it was all captured on video.

Even more incredible than that was an office manager was sent flying across the room before being buried under the debris, yet emerged relatively unharmed, ABC affiliate WLOS reported.

According to the clinic owner, Dawn Todd, a customer hit the gas instead of the brake in her car and drove into the building.

The harrowing incident can be seen in its entirety in the video below.

“We have four employees that work in that space. Luckily, we have two of them that were out running errands. One of our employees was actually hit by a car while she was working,” Todd said. “She’s OK. Everyone is OK.”

Everyone includes four animals that were in the clinic at the time, who also escaped injury.

Tom Tillison


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