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‘He’s got a bicycle!’ Watch this Philly cop hurl his bike at violent masked thug crashing pro-Trump rally

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Violent “anti-fascists” thugs known as “Antifa” where successful in forcing an early end to a pro-Trump rally Saturday in Philadelphia.

…but they were also successful in pissing off the police.

Covering their faces and wearing black hoodies, the anti-Trump protesters managed to usurp the scheduled rally that was part of a national effort, causing mayhem along the way.

And while police were overly accommodating, given the violent antics on display, they had their limits as seen in a video where a cop hurled his standard issue bicycle at one of the troublemakers.


It’s not clear what provoked the officer to act as he did and the Mass Appeal reporter, distracted by his bias, as seen in the commentary of his posts, didn’t offer any details.

Another video showed police “roughing up protesters.” Again, no context is provided, although the man with a bullhorn is seen in very close proximity to the officers who react.


As for the aforementioned bias, the caption on another video is telling: “Just found more video of the just randomly attacking people today.”

It’s impossible to determine what the anti-Trump protesters are doing that causes the officers to intervene and the reporter shows little interest in sharing that information:


Not that Philadelphia’s finest, tasked with a difficult job, didn’t have their share of supporters on social media.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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