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What’s wrong with these giddy libs? Even Michael Moore sees ‘this is not the time for democrats to gloat’

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Michael Moore thinks President Donald Trump is telling the truth about ObamaCare.

The liberal filmmaker warned Democrats not to celebrate prematurely after Republicans decided to pull the bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act on Friday.

“This is not the time for the Democrats to gloat or throw some kind of party,” Moore told Chris Hayes on MSNBC’s “All In” on Friday.

“This is the time we have to now double down. Please understand that Trump is telling you the truth when he tells you that ObamaCare is going to explode or implode,” Moore said, adding that the GOP will now “actively make sure that that happens.”

Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan agreed to abandon the bill as they realized they wouldn’t have the needed votes on Friday. The president believes that it would make political sense to allow ObamaCare to fail as expected and let Democrats own that failure.

Moore thought Republicans made their repeal bill “meaner” in the last few days in order to appease “hateful Tea Party people” and warned viewers that the GOP is set to make their lives “a living hell.”

“A lot of people… they’re getting it. They’re getting that they were lied to,” Moore said. “A lot of promises were held out to them that aren’t going to come true. And they saw just how transparent the Republicans and Trump were with this bill.

Moore urged Democrats to advocate for a “real fix” to ObamaCare by looking to progressive leaders like Sen. Bernie Sanders to make the fixes toAmerica’s health care system that are wanted by Trump supporters, “the working poor” and “working class.”

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