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Someone should be monitoring the ponds in Central Park; see the new problem selfie addicts have caused

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The unforeseen consequences of today’s technology…

The New York Police Department finds itself facing a unique problem — self-absorbed teens falling through the ice at The Pond in Central Park while taking selfies.

Two teenage boys plunged into the icy water late Sunday while trying to take a selfie standing on the frozen pond, according to the New York Post.

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The boys were able to safely swim ashore and, other than being a little chillier than a few minutes before, were able to go on about their way, witnesses said.

But it was not an isolated incident, as seen below:


It’s not like helpful New Yorkers aren’t trying to warn folks:

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The appropriate reaction to the new-age dilemma was summed up nicely in a single tweet:

Tom Tillison


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