Seething libs not willing to forgive Van Jones as he desperately tries to walk back Trump ‘compliment’

The journey back to open liberal arms seems to be a tough one for Van Jones.

The CNN commentator and former Obama aide came under fire last week after remarks he made about President Trump following his speech to a joint session of Congress. Jones was shredded by the left for daring to say that Trump “became president of the United States” at the emotional moment that he paid tribute to fallen Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Matthews.

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“That wasn’t just a compliment — that was a warning,” Jones said on his program, “The Messy Truth” on Wednesday as he attempted to walk back his praise.

“I saw Trump as a serious threat from day one” he continued.  “I thought he was a serious threat then, I think he’s a serious threat now. Today.”

Jones attempted to “own” up to his remarks as he told his audience that “I made a lot of you all really mad” with the remarks on Trump. He explained that he is “an emotional guy” who tells it like it is.

He urged his listeners to hear him out on the real danger, as he continued his attempt to smooth progressives’ ruffled feathers.

“There’s a danger that we all start to become Trump — that we normalize Trump emotionally. There’s a danger that we all become fear-based and fear-driven and that we give in 100% to this us-against-them hysteria,” he said.

Did his damage control work?

Judging by reaction on Twitter, not so much.

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