‘Figures.’ Demonstrators at ‘Day without a Woman’ protest gather around, start following … a man

That’s not how this is supposed to work.

Looks like Washington D.C. demonstrators gathered for “A Day Without a Woman” protest needed a man to lead them.

Women were given march instructions by a man with a megaphone as seen in video footage from NTK Network.

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“We want to let you all know why we’re here,” the man said. “We’re here to be intersectional, we’re here to value women, we’re here to value trans people, and we’re here to make sure that President Trump hears us loud and clear, that he is wrong,”

He continued to give instructions on how the march would proceed.

“We have to stop him,” he said. “We have to speak loudly. Intersectionality is important. So what part of that means is that people with limited mobility will lead the pace in the march.”

He then ran through several chants the women would be using through the day, shouting them through the megaphone.

The gathered women were eager to follow his lead and dutifully chanted back.

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