Tapper’s testy ‘that a 70-year-old man shouldn’t be held accountable for his words’

President Donald Trump and his administration have made CNN’s Jake Tapper a bit irritable.

The network anchor was sharply critical of the president, making snide remarks about him and how his administration is attempting to cover him after his tweet accusing former President Obama of wiretapping his phones.

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A panel on CNN’s “The Lead” weighed in on the president’s accusation Wednesday, concluding that he had no evidence for the claim but the White House continues to support the narrative.

“Time and time again this president continues to do things that make it very hard for his allies to defend him,” Washington Post reporter Abby Phillip commented. “And this is just one of those times. I mean, being a political neophyte is not really an excuse once you’ve been sworn in as president of the United States. you have to do the job.”

After some remarks about the difficulty of the job of White House press secretary, Tapper got a bit snarky.

“I find it interesting the idea that a 70-year-old man shouldn’t be held accountable for his words,” he said.

Tapper again made a sarcastic comment after the guests elaborated on how the president seems to get his information.

“There’s also a pattern of stating things as fact that are not fact,” Phillip said, pointing to Trump’s statement that he “just found out” about Obama’s alleged wiretapping.

“And what he actually meant was ‘I just read a story in Breitbart and I completely misunderstood it'” Tapper shot back.

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