Testy Lindsey Graham tells town hall attendee to ‘shut up,’ then boots him

Perhaps Sen. Lindsey Graham thought his early opposition of Donald Trump, along with his habit of siding with Democrats, would save him from the left’s orchestrated ambushes of town halls.

If so, he missed his guess.

That does not mean Graham has much tolerance for those who would get his dander up, as one “rude” demonstrator at a Clemson, S.C., town hall found out when Graham threatened to throw him out.

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“I tell you what, you’re going to get kicked out in about 30 seconds if you don’t shut up,” he told the man who was heckling him as he spoke about Obamacare’s failings.

Graham then appealed to the crowd for help deciding the man’s fate, asking: “How many want to kick this guy out?”

The audience responded with a favorable cheer, but Graham tried to move on.

“Get him out of here,” he finally said with a wave of his hand, as the man continued to yell.

And while Graham was a fierce critic of Trump’s during the GOP primary, he found himself being booed when saying he agrees with much of the president’s agenda and wants to help him.

“I’m going to try to help our president, Donald Trump, be as successful as possible because, number one, I agree with him mostly and I’d like to get this country moving again,” Graham said.

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