Crowder pulls off epic prank on bleeding heart liberal churches that say they support refugees

Conservative political commentator and comedian Steven Crowder is famous for his efforts at exposing the hypocrisy on the left and he recently pulled off one of his epic pranks, this time involving Syrian refugees.

Seizing on local progressive churches who advocate for the opening of the floodgates to allow these refugees into the U.S., proper vetting notwithstanding, Crowder asked a simple question: Will you take in any refugees?

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Turns out, he encountered a little hesitancy when it comes to putting action to words.

“Of course, you’re not surprised by the collective reaction,” Crowder stated on his website. “Leftists are all about that care… until you ask them to put that care into meaningful action.”

Have a look for yourself at the hilarious prank in the video below:

Tom Tillison


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