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Vox must REALLY regret asking folks to comment on how Obamacare ‘impacted’ their lives … wow!

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An attempt to open dialogue on the Affordable Care Act and how it has affected people’s lives backfired in a big way.

“Tell us how the Affordable Care Act has impacted your life,” Vox asked Twitter users, featuring a story from “Kate” who claimed “the ACA essentially saved my life.”

The link leads readers to a Vox questionnaire that asks: “Help our reporting by letting us know: How has the Affordable Care Act impacted your life? Will you change your life if the ACA goes away?”

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Perhaps Vox was hoping that stories would pour in about the ACA’s life saving benefits and expose how plans by Republicans to repeal the law could end up with people dying.

But on Twitter, the majority of the comments were anything but positive in chronicling the debacle of former President Obama’s signature health care policy.

Probably not what Vox had in mind.

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Frieda Powers


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