Muslim comedian and former staffer: Trump administration ‘is on notice, SNL is after them!’

Dean Obeidallah, a Palestinian-Italian American who fancies himself a comedian, let the cat out of bag in what has become a concerted effort by the far left to bring down President Donald Trump and his administration.

…with NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” leading the charge.

The “comedy” show is using its grasp on pop culture to turn the public against Trump and Obeidallah, the host of SiriusXM’s “The Dean Obeidallah Show” and a former SNL staffer, made that clear in no uncertain terms Sunday on CNN.

“It seems SNL is not content with just mocking Donald Trump, but now going after the entire administration,” he said.

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“So I think the administration is on notice,” Obeidallah added. “SNL is after them and the more you tweet about SNL the more it helps them.”

An example of targeting the administration was seen Saturday, when Trump aide Kellyanne Conway was targeted in a creepy, sexist “Fatal Attraction” short.

“We’ve never seen comedy troll a president of the United States like this,” the Daily Beast columnist concluded.

At least not since the last Republican president in 2007.

But Obeidallah knows that SNL will need help in the quest to “undermine” Trump’s presidency.

“SNL alone can’t undermine the credibility of a presidential administration,” he wrote in an op-ed on “But it can play a key role”

Obeidallah said SNL “seems to be rattling Trump and causing dissension within his administration,” and identifies the show and its actors as “the voices of reason.”

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…at least to low information voters who grew up on Comedy Central being their news source, making themselves easy marks for the left.

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