‘I thought we were going to have to shoot him’: Life or death struggle with armed suspect caught on film

Live PD” is an A&E program that lets viewers “ride along in real-time with six diverse police departments for a transparent look at law enforcement on duty,” as the network explains on its website.

Hosted by Mediaite founder Dan Abrams, Friday’s episode included a harrowing encounter with an armed suspect trying his best to pull a weapon from his waistband. The gripping footage captured a true life or death struggle between the thug and two officers.

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“I thought we were going to have to shoot him,” one of the responding officers said afterward.

In reality, the cops show incredible restraint with a man trying to kill them.

Ironically, the suspect cries out that he can’t breathe as one officer attempts to choke him into submission, even as he continues to resist and try to pull his weapon.

Tom Tillison


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