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Madeleine Albright couldn’t have known what was coming after vowing to ‘register as Muslim’ over ban

Madeleine Albright (Getty Images)

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She really stepped in it this time. Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright is taking a stand against religious persecution, sexism and terrorism  … by converting to Islam?

Albright said she’s prepared to “register as Muslim” if President Trump enacts laws stemming the deluge of Muslims pouring into the United States.

Trump signed executive orders halting the U.S. refugee program for 4 months and temporarily halting visas from 7 Muslim nations known for being hotbeds of radical Islamic terrorism.

Albright is operating under the delusion that the U.S. is obligated to take in anyone who wants to come here. (WRONG).

Meanwhile, the wealthy Arab nations of the Persian Gulf (Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Oman and Qatar) have done next to nothing to help their Muslim brethren.

In 2015, the United States gave $419 million in humanitarian aid toward the Syrian refugee crisis, bringing total U.S. aid since the start of the Muslim refugee crisis to $4.5 billion. That is more than any country in the world.

But bleeding-heart liberals like Madeleine Albright say the U.S. is not doing enough.

Albright tweeted: “I was raised Catholic, became Episcopalian and found out later my family was Jewish. I stand ready to register as Muslim in #solidarity.”

Dopey feminist icon Gloria Steinem made a similar pledge days earlier, even though women in most Muslim-majority countries are second-class citizens who are treated like chattel.

Not surprisingly, Muslims and leftist Muslim sympathizers applauded Albright’s virtue-signaling gesture.

But one person reminded Muslims that their own holy book tells them not to befriend Christians or Jews.


Others reminded Albright that as a Jew, she may not like how she’s treated in Muslim-majority countries, where Jews and Christians are persecuted and murdered on a daily basis.



Still others reminded Albright of her own shameful human-rights history as secretary of state.



Finally, some Twitter users were reminded of the Muslim rape epidemic roiling Europe, and warned the United States could be next.

**WARNING: Disturbing content.


Samantha Chang


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