Gingrich: Trump could be the ‘most effective anti-left president in modern US history’

Newt Gingrich believes President Donald Trump will be able to silence his conservative critics as he continues to accomplish his agenda.

The former House Speaker told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that Trump’s “very patriotic” inaugural speech and his “overwhelmingly conservative agenda” should quell fears about him being too populist as a president.

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“For the next two years, every time you are about to get angry with President Trump, close your eyes, think the phrase: President Hillary Clinton,” Gingrich said on “Hannity” Tuesday.

“Nothing he’s going to do for the next two years,” he said, “will be like one day of Hillary.”

Gingrich also suggested that Trump may, in fact, be the “most effective anti-left” president in modern U.S. history.

“He’s anti-P.C., he’s anti-left, he’s anti-stupidity and he’s deeply pro-American,” he said. “Now, which of those values shouldn’t make a conservative happy?”

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Gingrich added that the “historic significance” of Trump’s inaugural speech was that he “stuck to who he is” without pandering to or appeasing special interests.

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