Oops! Donald Trump tweets to the wrong Ivanka instead of his daughter; gets this response

Tweeting the wrong person in a post can be embarrassing, especially when you are the next president of the United States.

Apparently, President-elect Donald Trump did not know his daughter Ivanka’s full Twitter account name and tweeted the wrong person on Monday.

But Trump’s daughter is not “@Ivanka” on Twitter. Her account name is  “@IvankaTrump.”

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The president-elect got a response directly from @Ivanka, who is Ivanka Majic from England. Her tweet included a message and image about climate change.

The digital consultant from Brighton told BBC that calls from the media awoke her at 6:00 a.m. with the news.

“I came downstairs to check my phone and I had so many notifications. It’s very unusual to be speaking to both ITV and the BBC 45 minutes into your day,” she said.

other Ivanka
Photo: Twitter/@Ivanka

Majic revealed she had been mistaken for Trump’s daughter before on Twitter, but obviously the attention was magnified by a direct tweet from the incoming president.

“During the election I had a Twitter bot for everyone who accidentally mentioned me encouraging them to vote for Hillary (Clinton),” she said.

“I’m still undecided about whether to change my username. I don’t use Twitter very much partly as a result of having so many mentions. Tweets from normal people get lost in the mix,” Majic added.

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“I’m someone who has used twitter since 2007. A new thing comes along and you create a username never thinking that one day Ivanka Trump’s dad will be President,” she told BBC.

With over 6,000 likes and more than 2,000 retweets, the “other Ivanka” found herself a sudden celebrity.

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