Chuck Todd marvels at the great defier: ’16 years later we may look at Trump and he’s STILL president’

In a special year-end edition of MSNBC’s “MTP Daily,” host Chuck Todd looked to close the books on “a wild 2016,” and marveled at how President-elect Donald Trump proved the critics and pundits wrong at every turn.

Playing a series of clips of Trump being counted out of the 2016 election, Todd talked about how he “defied all the laws of political gravity.”

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“I’ve also heard Donald Trump, boy, he won’t even make it through the first year of the presidency,” Todd said. “Ah, Donald Trump will get impeached. Ah, Donald Trump will quit the presidency.”

He expressed serious doubt about whether the pundits will be proven right, eschewing the 22nd Amendment — which limits the president to two terms — in the process.

Sixteen years later,” Todd said, “we may look at Donald Trump and he’s still President of the United States… The defier of expectations, that’s probably the marker of Donald Trump.”

If you think liberal snowflakes are whining now, wait until they catch wind of this!

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