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Crazy video of massive wedding brawl goes viral and has allegations spinning out of control

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A wedding reception ended in chaos as a massive brawl broke out when a feud between families turned ugly.

Shocking video posted on social media shows wedding guests throwing punches and hurling chairs at each other at a venue that is supposedly in Toronto, Canada according to The Daily Mail.

The brawl was said to have erupted between the bride and groom’s family members, as comments were shared on Twitter.

Another Twitter user blamed the bride’s ex-boyfriend who allegedly left lewd photographs on the tables of her performing a sex act, but these reports were denied by someone who was present at the reception.

There were reports that blood was all over the floor from the melee that the staff ended up cleaning, according to the Mail.

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The viral video was posted on December 22, though it was not clear when the event took place.

The person who posted the video concluded that the bride could “move past this” episode.

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