Liberal media seeing ‘post-election boom’ may be short-lived

To hear the media tell it, the answer for the left in coping with a Donald Trump presidency begins with buying subscriptions to The New York Times and Vanity Fair, while tuning in to Saturday Night Live.

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Or, more of the same left-wing lunacy that delivered Trump in the first place.

With Trump having turned to his platform on social media to note the poor performance numbers of the aforementioned liberal outlets, The Hill eagerly reported the opposite.

But the online news source did not stop at The Times and Vanity Fair, reporting that the Washington Post saw a jump in traffic in November, and that other liberal publications like The Atlantic, Mother Jones and the New Yorker have reported “huge subscription increases since Election Day.”

Conservative media sites, in comparison, have seen an average of 30 percent or more drop in traffic after the election.

The results being a likely indication of far less angst on the right — with their guy emerging victorious, the hard battle is breaking for a bit. After such a hard-fought campaign, post-election exhaustion and the holidays could also factor in here.

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NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” has also “seen a ratings spike from Trump,” according to The Hill. The show’s season opener was its highest-rated show in eight years.

Considering that SNL was yet another target of Trump’s online criticism, it’s hard to miss a trend of rosy numbers emerging to offset assertions he has made. Then again, it’s possible that Trump’s influence is so immense that by merely mentioning a media outlets name, he steers record traffic to them.

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