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ABC’s infuriating tweet on Berlin terrorist attack solidifies why no one is taking the MSM seriously

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The media has long proven that it will go to whatever lengths necessary to avoid naming radical Islamic extremists as the culprits in any number of horrific terrorist attacks the world has seen in recent times.

The attack this week in Germany, where a suspected Islamic terrorist drove a large truck into a crowd at a Christmas market, killing twelve people and injuring another 48, is the latest example of this.

ABC News posted a video on Twitter of Chancellor Angela Merkel, who allowed a floodgate of Middle East refugees into Germany, laying flowers at the Berlin market, along with the caption saying “12 people were killed by a truck.”

It’s precisely this kind of politically correct nonsense that resulted in Donald Trump being elected president of the United States.

As for social media users, the only option, besides crying over the stupidity, is to battle it with a healthy dose of snarky commentary.

Here’s a sampling of responses of people taking ABC to task for its deception… and from a few hoping the killer truck is captured and brought to justice:

Tom Tillison


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