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Tucker tries to lure former M*A*S*H star back from crazyville when he proposes we boot Trump

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson called out another Hollywood liberal for dismissing the voice of American voters.

Actor Mike Farrell argued Friday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that electors should be allowed to “simply vote their conscience” as they get ready to cast their votes for president on Dec. 19.

“Why do you assume that this tiny group of people is better qualified to make this decision than 62 million voters?” Carlson asked the M*A*S*H actor who was part of a celebrity video released urging Republican electors to dump President-elect Donald Trump by casting their vote for someone more “qualified.”

Carlson argued that an attempt to “snatch the presidency” from Trump would lead to a “great deal of social instability” but Farrell blindly pressed for ignoring the voice of the American people and deferring to the decision of a few electors.

“Governor John Kasich would have been the choice of a great many of them had they been able to make that choice,” Farrell insisted.

While Carlson admitted that he understood Farrell’s contention that Trump is “a businessman and a celebrity” who”has demonstrated he has no qualifications for the office,” he pointed out that the reality is “no one voted for Gov. Kasich.”

“Would you really want a president nobody voted for?” the Fox News host asked the 77-year-old actor who continued to miss the point.

“Liberals used to believe in democracy and that legitimacy was conferred by the people who live in the country,” Carlson noted.   “Only they can choose their leaders – that’s what we used to tell our children. Maybe one of the reasons Hillary lost in the first place is that rich people, including you, no longer believe that.”

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