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Surprised? Hollywood’s big screen gun control lecture disguised as a movie is a total box office bust

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When it comes to gun control, it seems liberals just don’t get it.

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Especially liberals in Hollywood who push their left-wing ideology through the guise of “entertainment” like the latest gun control movie, “Miss Sloane.”

The EuropaCorp film, starring Jessica Chastain, focuses on a woman who leaves her high paying job to join an anti-gun lobby working to pass a background check law.

If Hollywood liberals haven’t learned anything from the 2016 election, the dismal box-office results for “Miss Sloane” ought to shake things up as it affects the bottom line.

Though Chastain scored a Golden Globe nomination for “Best Actress,” the film, which cost $13 million to produce,  failed to meet its projected $5 million at the box office, according to Forbes.

Expanding into 1,648 theaters last weekend after its initial November 25 debut, the film earned just $1.9 million, giving it over $2 million in domestic total.

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It shouldn’t be difficult to figure out why the film tanked, but the Hollywood left will probably miss all the signs.

Maybe Twitter users can help explain.
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