WaPo’s next-level Obama homage is ‘worse than fake news’

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The Washington Post’s boot-licking of President Barack Obama is next-level.

The once-respected bastion of journalism is again fawning all over Obama, this time to spotlight how “cool” he and wife Michelle Obama are.

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In a nauseating post entitled “For the Obamas, looking cool is part of the job,” WaPo coos glowingly of the lame-duck president: “He does not walk. He strolls with a black man’s head-up posture.”

Mind you, if someone had written of Donald Trump or some other white politician that “he strolls with a WHITE man’s head-up posture,” there’d be rioting in the streets amid threats of a race war.

Granted, the post was written by a “fashion critic,” but there was no objective criticism — just abject adulation of the Obamas’ “swagger” and “style.”

Not surprisingly, the article was panned on social media by non-sycophants.




Meanwhile, incoming First Lady Melania Trump has gotten a far icier reception from the media and the fashion community. Despite being a gorgeous, glamorous former model, some designers refuse to dress Melania because they oppose her husband’s politics.

Sophie Theallet, who has dressed Michelle Obama, said she will never dress Mrs. Trump (although no one asked her to). “The Sophie Theallet brand stands against all discrimination and prejudice,” she brayed on Twitter.

But that’s OK. We’re sure Melania doesn’t mind.


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