Media has a problem with Trump’s tweets; stirs debate about free speech vs. ‘mass intimidation’

Based on a supposition that Donald Trump‘s social media offerings equate to “insults and attacks,” The Hill said Saturday the president-elect’s tweets are stirring a debate about “intimidation.”

Front and center in the report is Chuck Jones, a union official at Carrier’s Indianapolis plant who made himself a part of the story when he said publicly that Trump “lied his ass off” about the terms of the deal to keep Carrier jobs in the U.S.

The union boss said later he endured threats after Trump responded to his attack on Twitter:

“Nothing that says they’re gonna kill me, but, you know, you better keep your eye on your kids, we know what car you drive. Things along those lines,” Jones said during an appearance on MSNBC.

The online news source then noted that the New York Times maintains a running list of the “people, places and things Donald Trump has insulted on Twitter.”

While one can only imagine The Time’s threshold to make the list, the count stands at 289, as of Friday, and includes Fox News’ Megyn Kelly.

The Hill highlighted former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, who said Trump’s use of Twitter to get around the media equates to “mass intimidation” to curtail free speech.

“You are going to be president very shortly, you are going to have at your command not just Twitter but also the CIA, IRS, and FBI,” Reich told CNN, according to The Hill.

The liberal Democrat added: “If you have this kind of thin-skinned, vindictive attitude to anyone that criticizes you, we are in very deep trouble, and sir, so are you.”

On the other hand, GOP strategist Ron Bonjean said Trump is staying true to what got him elected.

Bonjean told The Hill “Trump is quickly becoming the Teddy Roosevelt of the internet — using a populist push and social media to make a really powerful impact.”

“Many companies and people aren’t going to like it,” he continued. “But he’s making a strategic decision to stay connected to the voters that supported him and show that he’s not changing now.”

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