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Get a load of who Barbra Streisand is blaming for Hillary’s loss

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Barbra Streisand thinks we have the Supreme Court to thank for Hillary Clinton’s election loss.

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The actress and singer offered up her attempt at analysis of the presidential election outcome by citing a 2013 court decision which kept minorities from voting by creating “obstacles.”

The outspoken Democrat and Clinton supporter blamed the ruling for her candidate’s loss, not the candidate’s own inabilities.

Streisand must not think very highly of minorities either, effectively insulting them by suggesting they are not capable of figuring out the voting system.

Liberals like Streisand always seem to equate asking for identification with voter suppression or racism.

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Twitter users called Streisand out for her bias and for leftist assumptions about an entire class of people who apparently need liberal elites to tell them what to think.

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