Note to wealth-shaming media: Trump’s successful cabinet picks are ‘not wealthy by chance’

With an estimated net worth of at least $11 billion, the Boston Globe reported that the collective wealth of Trump’s administration choices thus far — he has eight picks to go — “is roughly four times greater than President Obama’s Cabinet and nearly 30 times greater than the one George W. Bush led at the end of his presidency.”

And if Mitt Romney, worth an estimated $250 million, is chosen as secretary of state, it would certainly not help the average.

With success — i.e. achieving the American dream — being vilified in the age of Barack “You didn’t build that” Obama, here’s an example from the Los Angeles Times on how the media is selling Trump’s cabinet picks:

Trump won the election by appealing to America’s disaffected working class, promising to drain the Washington swamp of insiders, and railing against segments of the financial elite. But the New York businessman has tapped a slate of people very much in his own vein to serve alongside him — billionaires and multimillionaires, including Wall Street financiers, industrialists and scions of the super-rich.


But leave it to The Media Research Center’s Rich Noyes to highlight the journalistic double standard at play when it comes to Trump’s cabinet choices.

Noyes appeared on the Fox Business Network Friday and said the media is “rebelling” against the represented success.

“President-elect Trump is picking people with actual success,” he said. “They’re not wealthy by chance. They are wealthy because they’re successful. You think he would want to bring that kind of success and track record into government. But the media are rebelling against it.”

Noyes agreed with host Trish Regan that Americans like to see successful people.

“This is where the whole liberal narrative is being challenged by the Trump election. I mean, if the idea is that government top-down can sort of bring people up by leveling equality through government action, it would have worked by now,” he said.

After noting how the media drooled over President Barack Obama’s choices, Noyes drew attention their hypocrisy now that a Republican cabinet is being assembled.

“Penny Pritzker, the Commerce Secretary right now. She’s worth about two and a half billion dollars,” he explained to Regan. “So, there’s billionaires all inside Democratic government. But, notice, it wasn’t a big issue with them. It’s a big issue for this administration.”

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